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painteed tattoo

October 2009

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painteed tattoo

ignorance is definately not bliss

Im quite sure I have discovered my biggest pet peeve.

By definition, ignorance is "The condition of being uneducated, unaware, or uninformed".

Seeing as that is the major topic my language course, I have been paying much more attention to it. Gay marriage has got to be a biggie. Having conversations with anyone over 30, most people disagree. It honestly just pisses me off when someone will say "I'm not homophobic, i just dont want to see gay people.. And i dont like being labeled a homophobic just because I dont agree with you."
Uhm.. excuse me but who gets more 'harassment' a middle- aged white married man that is asked by his daughter what he feels about gay marriage.. OR a 15 year old kid who gets name called everyday, multiple times, harassed, and even beaten up?
Yeah, no comparison.

I have a feeling I may in fact be bisexual, and if i were ever to come out to my parents, they would disown me. It really is just sad that some people cannot see anything from a different perspective..


I agree with you one hundred percent. Not only is ignorance so terrible and upsetting, it's dangerous. Too many awful things happen as a result of ignorant behavior. I don't understand how people can be so cruel to other people. It makes me so sad. Why do they have to be so hateful? Why can't we all get a along?

I kind of agree with you about ignorance...however, I think a bigger hate of ine is when you do educate someone about something they just ignore it or don't belive you etc...which, of course, then amounts to stupidity. Which is my biggest hatred of all. *shrugs*