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painteed tattoo

October 2009

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painteed tattoo

After almost 10months....

After nearly 10 months I would hope that a boyfriend and girlfriend would be able to talk to each other if one of them has a problem. I thought it was called communication. And not the kind where the girl gets patronized whne he finally opens up.
Why does he do this to me? Just because he isn't allowed to stay at my house. I'm sorry okay. Your parents don't really care what you do and you have much more freedom than me. And I want you to go to sleep before one as well as myself. And I can't help it that I don't always have your libido and I liketo just lie on the couch without you trying to finger me. I like your company and I also like my parents to be happy. Just why do you take it as such a big insult when I say you need to go home?
Please just tell me. I hate being left out of your head.


sorry sweetheart, it sounds like your man is a little insecure and needs to know that you're not going to stop loving him if he gets more than 5 feet away from you. he's not alone though, it seems like that sort of thing runs rampant amongst men these days. always needing to "prove" themselves and going out of their way to do so, instead of just being themselves and letting their actions speak for them.